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Let’s Stay 健康y Together — A Message from Executive Director Frazer

As we come together again in our wonderful community, it’s worth thinking about the many ways we can improve our wellness. Let’s Stay 健康y Together »

Fostering Physical, Emotional and Personal 健康

To make the most of your education at 布里奇沃特, you need to maintain good health as well as physical, emotional and personal wellness. 的 健康中心 offers a range of vital services and support to help you achieve these goals.

Whether you need health advice, 危机援助, or care for a specific illness or condition, our helpful and experienced 工作人员 members are at your service.

A close-up of a student's hand, wearing blue nail polish, holding a &“承受压力" during a counseling session

护理小组 is a multidisciplinary team of experts and points of contact that meet regularly to improve coordination and communication for the academic success, health and safety of the community.

的 CARE Team accepts referrals and responds to students (and their families, 教师, and 工作人员) when concerns for a student’s health, 福利, and safety are identified.

的 CARE Team is not for emergencies. Referrals are monitored Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please call 911 if there is an immediate threat to a student’s safety or well-being.

A wellness center doctor checks the blood pressure of a student in a 健康中心 appointment room
From mid-August through May, the 卫生服务 professional 工作人员 provide short-term clinical health care to the members of our community.
A student sits and talks with a Counseling Center counselor
咨询服务 enhance our students’ physical and emotional wellbeing by offering preventive outreach programs and counseling services to help with adjustment issues and other psychological difficulties.
students creating wellness jars with one titled Self Care in the foreground
Through BSU Peer Educators, a select group of trained students, we provide workshops and presentations to students, 工作人员, 教师 and other campus groups and organizations interested in topics ranging from substance abuse to social issues.
Someone hands another person a card in front of an information display about Narcan
Understanding how to use naloxone and prevent overdose is more important than ever. Here, you will find resources for opioid use disorder and harm reduction strategies.

When a student is in crisis or feeling overwhelmed, 布里奇沃特 offers resources and supports to help manage through difficult situations. Whether the issue is related to a student’s health, 福利, 心理健康, 人身安全, financial insecurity or another concern, our CARE Team and other BSU professionals are here to help.

Students, families, 教师 and 工作人员 are encouraged to review the 学生危机资讯rmation and resources page for assisting a student in a crisis situation.

Virtual Tour Stop — Student 健康 & 健康

开展学生健康活动 & 健康


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Woman wearing black hat and jacket leads a group of people on path in the woods

Alumna, coach and adjunct instructor finds meaning beyond the field 

Darren Smith sits at a table and talks to a fellow student who is standing in front of table
Recent alumnus discusses his struggles and triumphs
Students twist their bodies and extend their arms during a yoga exercise.
Courses focus on students' emotional health
Graphic of words Togetherall and WellTrack Apps featured on cell phones
Campus community offers assistance in-person and online for students
Student walking into 健康中心

的 健康中心 has a wide range of support services for students

Dr. 克里斯托弗·弗雷泽
如何博士. 克里斯托弗·弗雷泽, his 工作人员 and volunteers rose to the COVID challenge



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