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精神 和 传统

We are the BSU Bears!

Bridgewater State University holds hundreds of events 和 programs each year for a wide range of audiences from students to faculty 和 staff to the entire Bridgewater community. From Kickoff to 毕业典礼, there's a whole world of experiences to bring members of the community together in fun 和 engaging ways.



Be sure to log on regularly to BSU接触, Bridgewater’s student engagement platform. This tool is great for viewing 和 registering for events, joining student organizations 和 more!


At the start of each semester, we greet all our new 和 returning students with a variety of engagement opportunities during 开球. 从 欢迎烧烤 to events like 宾戈游戏 和 the Involvement Fair, there is something for everyone.

通过我们的 有问题 倡议, we also greet all students with in-person 和 online ways to get their questions answered during the first few days of each semester 和 beyond.

2022 同学会 court sitting on a bench together holding h和s

BSU students, alumni, families 和 friends join together every fall for 同学会, which unites the past with the present.

传统 include our Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony, a parade 和 pageant, a fair at University Park, 校友团聚, 和 the 同学会 football game.

A row of graduates at the commencement ceremony

Every May, BSU holds three commencement ceremonies. The BSU community, families 和 friends celebrate our students as they graduate in two undergraduate ceremoniesone graduate commencement ceremony.

In addition, through our 离开洞穴 pathway program for graduating undergraduates, seniors receive regular customized communications 和 specialized events.

Bristaco’s Bucket List

Two students wearing sunglasses 和 wearing toy snakes around their necks at Carnival

Each spring semester, Bridgewater’s student-led Program Council sponsors several signature events that have become known as “Bristaco’s Bucket List.” Those events include: 

  • Bristaco’s Birthday Bash
  • 变装秀
  • Music 和 艺术 Festival
  • 春季狂欢节
  • 宾戈游戏
  • 鸭子一天
Midnight Madness at BSU
Bristaco, 波士顿州立大学的熊吉祥物, posing in a graduation cap 和 gown at Gillette Stadium, where commencement is held


展望STACO the bear is our mascot. The bear was chosen as the school mascot by a student vote in the 1960s, when Bridgewater State brought modern day football to the college. Bristaco was named for the institution, which — at the time — was 展望dgewater STAte COllege.

Two lacrosse players in red 和 white uniforms practice on the field


深红色的 is our signature school color.

在学校里 战斗之歌,你会听到:

BSU fight with all our might.
深红色的 和 white we’ll st和 tall 和 proud tonight.

A student in a graduation cap 和 gown sings at the commencement ceremony


New lyrics for BSU’s 母校之歌 — which was originally written by Zelma Lucas, 1904届毕业生, 和 William Lester Bates, Class of 1892 — were unveiled in May of 2022. Juliana Horton, G’22, wrote:

Our love of community guides us in purpose 和 thought, 很清楚, the courage to lead 和 inspire, the hallmark of ev’ry Bear. 

母校! 母校! Rising to what lies before. 母校, keep Bridgewater close to heart forever more!

Wherever the road takes us onward, 时间将会到来, 不时地, with ever a sense of belonging, we’ll come home to you – again.

For legions of those you have tended, your history vital 和 strong, for then 和 today 和 tomorrow, we join in our loyal song.